Fiber reinforced composite (FRP) and process

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Fiber reinforced composite (FRP) and process

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Key word:Fiber reinforced composite (FRP) and process
A fiber reinforced composite material is a composite building material composed of three components: a fiber as a discontinuous phase or a dispersed phase, a matrix of a continuous phase and a fine interphase region, also called an interface, which is an advanced composite material. Group, using rice husks, rice husks and plastics as ingredients. The technique relates to a process for refining, mixing and compounding natural fibers from a cellulosic waste stream to form a high strength fiber composite in a polymer matrix. The designated waste or base stock used in this case is waste thermoplastics and various types of cellulosic waste, including rice husks and sawdust.

FRC is a high-performance fiber composite that achieves and achieves this goal by cross-linking cellulose fiber molecules with resins in the FRC material matrix through a proprietary molecular re-engineering process to produce products with superior structural properties. .

Through this molecular redesign, the physical and structural properties of the wood were chosen to be successfully cloned and attributed to the FRC product, in addition to other key attributes to produce performance characteristics superior to contemporary wood.

Unlike other composite materials, this material can be recycled 20 times, allowing the waste FRC to be reused again and again.

Failure mechanisms for FRC materials include delamination, matrix cracking in the layer, longitudinal matrix splitting, fiber/matrix stripping, fiber pull-out, and fiber breakage.

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