Installation instructions for horizontal glass fiber cans

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Installation instructions for horizontal glass fiber cans

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Key word:Installation instructions for horizontal glass fiber cans
The manufacturer shall provide installation instructions to each tank, which shall constitute the minimum requirements described in this section; reinforced plastic (FRP) underground storage tanks shall be disposed of and installed in accordance with the regulations established by the competent authority and, in addition, the following shall be strictly observed. The minimum requirements specified in the text.

In cold weather conditions, special measures must be taken to ensure the compaction of tanks and no ice, snow or other frozen materials in the absence of ice, snow or other frozen materials without the use of calcium chloride. In the case of a backfill, a firm bed that is not fixed. In this case, backfilling should be completed within one business day.

The tank should be visually inspected for any signs of damage or defects prior to installation.

If there is more than one tank in a excavation and the distance between the tank and the excavation side is 450 mm, the excavation should leave a gap of at least 600 mm between the tanks; all rocks, boulders and all must be removed from the excavation Any other outstanding material.

Excavation and any dewatering should be carried out in such a way as to maintain a firm, even foundation support for the tank to be laid.

The tank should be embedded with at least 300 mm of pea gravel or washed gravel in the excavation.

The tank must be carefully placed into the excavation using a lifting strap. If necessary, use a spreader rod. Under no circumstances should a chain or wire sling be used around the tank or any other method that could cause damage.

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