Refrigerated transport system and goods that need to be transported

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Refrigerated transport system and goods that need to be transported

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Key word:Refrigerated transport system and goods that need to be transported
The refrigerated truck is an insulated food grade trailer with a precision refrigeration system on the trailer. The refrigerated trailer is designed to transport perishable food or other goods that require temperature controlled transport.

Some systems have an alert code that tells the truck driver what is going to happen or is happening; once notified, the driver can correct the problem and take action, such as using a high-speed temperature pull-down, to quickly reduce the temperature of the trailer. There is also a tracking system that records the time and temperature of the entire trip, so the temperature can be reviewed and the refrigerated goods are divided into two groups: refrigerated and frozen.

Goods that need to be refrigerated are usually: fruits, vegetables and dairy products. These products must maintain the required temperature to retain the product until it is placed on the market. These products require complex, expensive monitoring equipment to maintain the required temperature because minor temperature adjustments must be made to maintain the correct temperature. If the temperature is too low, the product will freeze and deteriorate. If the temperature is too high, the product will mature and deteriorate. Therefore, controlled temperature technology can extend the shelf life of the product or significantly extend the life of the product.

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