Marine equipment pumping system

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Marine equipment pumping system

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Key word:Marine equipment pumping system
Complete pumps and blowers are available for fishing vessels, small motorboats, cruisers, yachts and commercial vessels. Bilge pumps and blowers are tested and approved by leading shipbuilders as standard equipment.

Bilge and aeration pumps: bilge and aeration pump tsunami series cartridge bilge water and aeration pumps are designed for higher performance for the most friendly service design. Their filter styles can be replaced quickly and easily, without the need to disassemble the hose or mount the base.

Automatic Bilge Pumps: All ships over 20 feet long with sleeping accommodation (excluding folding cockpit seats) should use an automatic bilge pump system. With the automatic float switch (part number 4201 or 4202), it is easy to convert to a non-automatic pump of 12 amps or less.

Bilge pumps are only used to drain stagnant water. They are not intended to prevent rapid accumulation of water on board due to bad weather, hull damage or other unsafe navigation conditions.

Note: Bilge water and aeration pumps must be below the water source for perfusion.

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