FRP fiberglass board for wall decoration

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FRP fiberglass board for wall decoration

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Key word:FRP fiberglass board for wall decoration
It is made of glass fiber and resin composite material with special technology. It has unique properties and is widely used in refrigerating indoor and outdoor panels, recreational vehicles/caravan interior and exterior panels, blood collection vehicles/body panels, container inner and outer panels, and frozen warehouse interior and exterior panels. , yacht making, safe, wall decoration, etc.

Product specifications: thickness: 0.8-5.0mm; maximum width: 2.6 meters; surface: flat, concave and convex, pattern surface; color: white, red, yellow, blue, silver, etc., can be customized.


1 High brightness: smooth surface, smooth and long life of 10 to 20 years.

2 insulation performance: can be used in the temperature range of -40 ° C to 110 ° C.

3 impact resistance: with the characteristics of engineering plastics.

4 Corrosion resistance: It can be cleaned with high pressure water gun or steam, and it is resistant to acid and alkali.

5 Easy to install: rivets or glue can be installed without special tools.

6 other: sunscreen, heat insulation, good sealing, sound insulation, etc.

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