Vacuum pressure bag system features

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Vacuum pressure bag system features

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Key word:Vacuum pressure bag system features
We offer three styles of vacuum bags to meet the needs of each user. The 30 mil vinyl bag is economical and extremely durable; for the most demanding items, please consider a 20 or 30 mil polyurethane vacuum bag; each of our Each vacuum bag now includes an in-line mounting pocket that allows the entire bag to be used completely unhindered.

The sturdy and flexible vacuum-pressed bags are available in polyurethane and vinyl, and can almost match any shape in the wood project. After completing the vacuum pressing process, simply roll up the vacuum pressure bag and then use a pump to lift it up! Designed for easy, compact storage, the vacuum bag system is a must-have for space-conscious stores.

Vacuum pressure bag system features: vacuum bag with hot welded seam and no pressure cover, airtight vacuum hose accessories. The vacuum bag type bag is double-entry with a convenient, removable C-shaped channel seal that provides a hermetic seal and securely grips the tensile force of the curved workpiece.

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