FRP process tube features

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FRP process tube features

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Key word:FRP process tube features
FRP process pipe is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, medicine and other fields. It is light in weight, high in strength, wear-resistant, easy to install and maintain. This product has been successfully applied to domestic major oilfield sewage treatment systems.

1. The proportion of glass steel pipe with excellent physical properties is 1.8-2.1, the steel is about 1/4, which is stronger than steel, cast iron and plastic, and the moral weight and specifications of glass tube are generally less than 1/3. The physical and mechanical properties are excellent. In addition, the expansion coefficient of the glass steel pipe is about the same, and the thermal conductivity is only 0.5% of the steel, which is a good thermal insulator for nuclear power.

2. Chemical resistance, long service life, suitable for handling different media such as acid salts and organic solvents.

3. Excellent hydraulic mechanical properties, water function is an important feature of glass tubes. Excellent hydraulic fluid pressure characteristics are first lost, and smaller diameter or smaller pump power can be used, thereby reducing initial investment in pipeline engineering, saving energy, and reducing operating costs. The glass fiber is strong and the inner surface of the plastic is very smooth. The general surface roughness can reach 0.008, which can be regarded as the hydraulic smooth pipe, the inner surface of the runway, steel pipe, cast iron pipe, cement pipe, etc., which is often locally corroded and has become more and more rough. , FRP keeps the new pipeline in a smooth state.

4. Installation and maintenance cost is low. Generally speaking, glass and steel do not need special anti-corrosion treatment; insulation layer can be thinned and even heat treatment can be done; pipe light, small tonnage lifting equipment, power consumption is less than glass The length of the pipe and the length of the cast iron pipe, the reduction of accessories, which will reduce the installation and maintenance costs, this practice has been proved by many people at home and abroad.

5. Large improved short cycle design flexibility.

FRC is a high-performance fiber composite that achieves and achieves this goal by cross-linking cellulose fiber molecules with resins in the FRC material matrix through a proprietary molecular re-engineering process to produce products with superior structural properties. .

Through this molecular redesign, the physical and structural properties of the wood were chosen to be successfully cloned and attributed to the FRC product, in addition to other key attributes to produce performance characteristics superior to contemporary wood.

Unlike other composite materials, this material can be recycled 20 times, allowing the waste FRC to be reused again and again.

Failure mechanisms for FRC materials include delamination, matrix cracking in the layer, longitudinal matrix splitting, fiber/matrix stripping, fiber pull-out, and fiber breakage.

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