Choice of refrigerated transport services

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Choice of refrigerated transport services

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Key word:Choice of refrigerated transport services
When you make a product, each ingredient is carefully selected and should be given this level of attention when you choose a refrigerated transport ship to transport your product, especially if they are temperature sensitive. As your temperature control supply chain partner, your retail customers will always have shelves and your customers will enjoy your products the way you expect.

As the demand for temperature-controlled capacity increases, it becomes more difficult to find refrigerated transport services; as a leading refrigerated transport vehicle, you have the options and flexibility you need to keep your products on board both domestically and internationally.

With a dedicated fleet, your customers will receive your products on time and safely. When the number surges, it can be easily solved by a nearby dedicated fleet or through a brokerage service that provides reliable operators. If your capacity needs extend to longer transportation, the most advanced refrigerated intermodal containers ensure that they are transported at the exact temperature they need – even if it is as low as -20°F. When your refrigerated transport needs to be expanded internationally, the global transportation team can connect your goods across national borders, oceans and skies to connect you to the global marketplace.

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